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Cinnamon Soft Mask (Acne Scar) 60g/pkg

Cinnamon Soft Mask (Acne Scar) 60g/pkg


  • Suitable for scar problem skin, such as acne scar or redness scar.
  • Improve skin condition with oil balancing disinfect, redness soothing and purifying effects.

    Ingredients: Camphor, Algae, Seaweed, Potassium Alginate, Collagen Extracts, Kaolin, Powdered Soybean, Lecithin, Cornstarch, Potassium Alginate.

    Usage: The Cinnamon Soft Mask is suitable for skin problems such as acne and scars. Improves skin with oil-balancing disinfectants, soothing of redness and purifying effects.

    Direction of Use: take a bag of the soft mask, stir the mask powder with 50-70ml water, apply the mixed mask on the face except eyes and mouth areas, wait 20 minutes until the mask is firmed. Then take off the mask, use sponge to clean the face with warm water.

    Caution: Do not apply to eye area.

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