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Baby Self-Feeding Bottle Straw - Stainless, Baby Bottle Straw (4oz or 8oz)

Baby Self-Feeding Bottle Straw - Stainless, Baby Bottle Straw (4oz or 8oz)

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Ai-Non Baby® Self-feeding Bottle Straw allows baby to drink comfortably in all position, while reducing air in the nipple and flow of liquid to the middle ear. The tube, made of Silicone, is designed to ensure smooth flow of liquid. A cleaning stick is included to clear any food build-up inside the tube. A stainless ball is attached to one end to hold down the weight, while the other end is a PC plastic plate to hold the straw in the feeding bottle.

This product fits the following, but not limited to the following brand: Evenflo, Medela, Gerber or Dr. Brown.


  • Can be used on standard 4oz. or 8oz. feeding bottle;
  • Allows baby self-feeding in any position;
  • Can reduce air swallowing:
  • Made by non-toxic materials;
  • Includes cleaning straw;
  • Suggested for babies over 4 months old.

Direction for use:

  • Before use, put the straw in hot water in 2 - 3 minutes;
  • Place the straw into the feeding bottle and the top plate on the top of the bottle, tight up with feeding nipple ring;
  • After use, clean the straw with the cleaning straw.


  • Do not allow baby to play, chew or swallow the parts;
  • Inspect the parts frequently, especially the plastic straw. Stop use or replace the straw if it is worn or damaged.
  • Do not use the straw in GLASS feeding bottle since the ball might crack the Glass bottle.


  • Top plate: Policarbonate, heat-resistant up to 137C
  • Straw: Silicone Rubber, heat-resistant up to 240C
  • Ball: Stainless Steel

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